Stories for Younger Readers

The Magic Quilts

An exciting full-length fantasy story for youngsters (7-11), full of adventure, suspense and magic, with strong female characters and a story centered on preventing violence and war rather than winning the bloody battles that fill so many fantasy books. The Magic Quilts has won acclaim from young readers across America.

By Chuck Fager. Paperback, illustrations, 195 pages, $12.95.

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Life, Death and Two Chickens

Stories for Children, Stories from Childhood

These stories draw primarily on author Chuck Fager’s boyhood. In these pages you’ll find a confrontation with a hurricane, a hunt for a flying saucer, a struggle over a (toy) machine gun, and other amusing, haunting, and evocative tales of growing, and growing up.

Paperback, 125 pages, $10.95.

Read an excerpt from Life, Death and Two Chickens