Quaker Mysteries

Murder Among Friends: A Quaker Mystery

In this full-length thriller, a right-wing televangelist and a killer rewrite the agenda of a quiet Quaker conference in Old Virginia. The goal was peacemaking between evangelicals and liberals. When a body is found, a gay Quaker activist is the prime suspect, and militants from all sides gather. Suddenly, amid old Civil War monuments, Friends are on the front lines of a new and deadly kind of civil war….

“I never suspected a Quaker mystery could be such a page-turner. Great fun.”
–Mark Hulbert, Publisher
Hulbert’s Financial Digest

“An intoxicating witches’ brew of sexual politics and un-Friendly intrigue….Prophetic and scary.”
–Alan Pell Crawford, author
Thunder On the Right

NOTE: Murder Among Friends is currently Sold Out after two printings. So we are publishing it on-line here, in full.

Un-Friendly Persuasion: A Quaker Mystery

In this gripping story, an unlucky mailman is enmeshed in a web of sex, million-dollar mail theft and murder. Can a plain Quaker apple farmer rescue him? Reviewer Bob Nissenbaum of Mystery Books in Bryn Mawr, PA calls Chuck Fager “a born story teller.” He adds, “There is no higher compliment a reader can bestow….So just sit back in your reading chair and deduce that you will enjoy reading Un-Friendly Persuasion for a couple of relaxing hours. It will be worth it.” The Washington DC City Paper called it “one part Agatha Christie and two parts Carl Hiassen.”

Paperback, 175 pages. $9.95. By Chuck Fager.

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