Quaker Stories for Younger Readers

Fire In The Valley: Six Quaker Ghost Stories

The (not-too-scary) ghosts in these stories bring life to prominent places and persons in Quaker history. From a disembodied string quartet playing Beethoven in an AFSC clothing room, to a Quaker family caught in the currents of the Civil War, to a determined Quaker lady spook taking on the CIA, these tales will entertain and enlighten readers of all ages.

Paperback, 95 pages, $8.95.

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Why God Is Like A Wet Bar of Soap

A modern Quaker parent takes on the daunting task of explaining God to a pair of inquisitive, no-nonsense children. Funny and thought-provoking. By Chuck Fager.

Paperback, illustrations, 24 pages, $5.00.

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Candles In the Window: A Quaker
Christmas Story

In wartime England in 1814, a Quaker family faces a holiday marked by the cost of the Peace Testimony and the restrictions of a sternly plain lifestyle. By Chuck Fager.

Paperback, illustrations, 24 pages, $5.00.

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John Woolman & The Slave Girl

A story for readers age 10 and up: The early Quaker antislavery crusader John Woolman faces a challenge to his principles of peaceful persuasion when a slave girl asks him to help her run away to freedom. By Chuck Fager.

Paperback, illustrations, 24 pages, $5.00.

Esther & The Heathens

A story for readers aged 12 and up: This Romeo and Juliet tale features an engaged couple caught in the Quaker Separation of 1827: their families come down on opposite sides, equally opposed to their match, and the couple faces decisions about life, love and religion that they never expected.

Paperback, illustrations, 24 pages, $5.00. By Chuck Fager.

NOTE: See also the title Friends All Year in the section on books by other publishers.